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Ways to update your home in 2024

Of course there is never a one size fits all approach to good interior design and the best homes are the ones that feel authentic. I’m talking the ones that seem to suit their owners, that feel like they are really lived in homes and not just showpieces. You doing you. So to speak. I am a big fan of helping clients find their own style and reflect their personalities in their homes but if you’re in search of a few tips to help reinvigorate your home in 2024 or even something that might inspire that redesign you’ve been procrastinating over then here’s my top takes…

As is the norm, thanks to our need to consume new things, we have a number of ‘new’ design ideas and some still there from last year that have been given their own monikers. I personally think all of these styles are very similar in approach and reflect our needs in the current world for calm sanctuaries where we feel looked after both physically and mentally. But read on and see what you think!

First up is Quiet Luxury. A quiet luxury style space will typically include neutral hues, sumptuous fabrics, warm woods, and other elements that reflect a relaxed, pared-back, elevated way of living and decorating. 

You can easily add quiet luxury touches to your home through thoughtful details such as wallpaper, sumptuous throws, scented candles, and lighting. 

Then there is Modern Organic. This space aligns itself with biophilic design ideas and typically incorporates the colours and textures of nature, including natural wood furniture, baskets, natural fibre rugs, woven elements, and easy-care textiles like cotton and linen.

Finally on the radar still this year is Warm Minimalism and Japandi. For the last few years, interior designers have embraced warm minimalism as a way to create a calming aesthetic in the home, and in 2024 this trend looks to become more popular than ever.

Warm minimalism enhances the liveability of a space by reducing visual clutter, emphasising calming earth tones, and highlighting the main purpose of a room, making it easier to focus and relax. Think clutter free, serene spaces with cosy and inviting elements layered on top. A much more liveable approach to minimalist design.

If you break all of these styles down there are also some common themes that can be found which you can adopt in your home and help it become your sanctuary. 

Textures: From soft curves to craftsmanship there is a real mix of styles to feast upon right now. Think rattan, but elevated, furniture giving off global glamour vibes. Or the insane craftsmanship and skill that goes into marquetry and some of the beautiful pieces that will become heirloom furniture as the craft resurgence continues.

Organic shapes also continue to connect with the zeitgeist and you can bring in soft curves with everything from rugs, sofas to mirrors right now. And for the Brutalist and modern interior lovers watch out for solid coloured furniture from sideboards to consoles bringing character to a space.

Whatever your style, mixing textures in your home adds real dimension to your space. There’s a real interest in new wall surfaces and textures. Playing with ways to add depth and interest from polished plasters, wallpapered ceilings to wood cladding and textured wall coverings. You are adding depth and interest to your room.

Wallpaper is a consistent growth area in design with offerings from textured papers to add subtle backdrops to bold patterned feature walls (or go bold with your ceilings). However you choose to apply it, it adds personality to a space quickly and effectively.

On the hardware front, polished nickel and silver look to be having a resurgence this year. Both timeless and versatile, they can be used in many different schemes effectively. It’s the new bling. But the joy here is that mixed metals are in. No longer the need to make sure you are matching every single hardware element in your home for a cohesive look. Contrast is good!

And textiles, and we all love textiles, are set to be a quick win using natural fibres from wool, linen, cotton to jute bringing a sense of sustainability and visually adding warmth and depth to your space. Perfect to get cosy in and relax.

Colour: If you’ve seen my other posts on colour trends for 2024 then you’ll know there is no one size fits all this year. From redefining neutrals with natural tones layer on layer, accent colours reflecting mid-century modern to earthy retro tones there are lots to choose from. But how you paint it is trending and that’s colour drenching. It’s been gaining ground as a simple and affordable way to elevate a space from flat and boring neutral. Saturated colour hues and schemes are the watchwords.

Earthy tones are still pushing forwards as ones to watch. This ties in well with the nature at home vibe (bringing the outdoors in)  and the need for wellness that grows at pace with home trends too. Biophilic design is constantly gaining traction. It’s about making nature centre stage in design and moving away from urbanised, detached spaces. House plants, nature inspired colours and organic textures will help you get connected.

But if you are a lover of blue then don’t despair. Blue is being touted as a new neutral colour. So go with it, embrace it and colour drench it. Then add pops of colour to really bring the space to life. When decorating with blue pay attention to which way your room faces as an east facing room has a much cooler light than a west facing room which holds the warmer afternoon sun. This will really affect whether you want a cool or warm blue in there.

I am also seeing a move to medium to dark wood tones making a comeback. They add natural warmth to a space and work well with the moody hues that are appearing bringing drama and atmosphere to spaces.

Sustainability: A massive watch word that is (and should) be growing in the design and home renovation sectors is sustainability. Goodbye fast furniture and welcome in local makers and designers, upcyclers and items that have longevity and heritage.Green is the new black.  Think reclaimed floors, recycled plastics and energy efficiency alongside respecting the heritage of your home.

Multifunctional spaces: Versatility is key! No longer do things stay static for long periods of time in our lives and our homes need to reflect this. Rooms that can easily transition from an office to a workout space to a guest room are in demand. Think creative storage solutions, ways to maximise space, multi functional furniture and more without sacrificing productivity or comfort.

Authenticity: Vintage finds, artisanal craftsmanship, personalised accessories bring warmth and individuality to homes. Think about how to curate items in your home from grouping objects to styling your shelves - these items lend character and let you make ‘moments’ to pause in your home. Embrace the artisan.

A home does not need to be copied from Insta or Pinterest verbatim - rather it is about what interests you, inspires you and then how you combine that with your personal items and treasures.

If you’re eager to bring any of these design ideas to life in your home, remember you don't have to do it alone. My expertise as an interior designer can help turn those dreams into reality.

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