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Making your interior dreams a reality


The Consultation

A fun and informative session that lasts up to 2 hours and takes place face to face or virtually if you prefer.


Together we will discuss your home, the issues you are facing and the dream home you want to achieve and I will offer creative ideas, solutions and practical advice for your project.

We also discuss the design process, your budgets, timeframes, and how I can save you from making any  costly mistakes.

This approach is perfect for those who are happy to source and purchase products alone and can happily manage deliveries and trades people themselves.

So do you have a room that needs pulling together or can’t quite figure out what’s missing? Need some advice on layouts, lighting design or getting a cohesive look? Or just want some support on styling the room? Not everyone needs a full interior design service. Sometimes moving furniture, changing colours and adding some key accessories will be all you need.


Each consultation is completely bespoke and you dictate the discussion so we can make the most of your time together.

This service option can be used as one-time service or a service that can be booked many times over.

Up to 2 hrs £300 + vat

Get in touch to learn more


The Hybrid Service

The hybrid service is a great way to decorate in stages - one room at a time at your own pace, or if you are a DIY-er at heart and enjoy managing your own design project.


It is a great way to take advantage of working with an experienced designer for a fraction of the cost of the full service design project.


You get a comprehensive design plan that you can manage on your own. 

Following a 90 minute face to face consultation we can then define a truly bespoke package for you including 3 of the below options:

  • Design Concepts

  • Colour and mood boards

  • 2D room layouts

  • Electrical and lighting plans

  • Product Sourcing (including trade discounts where possible and fabulous local artisan's work as well) 

  • Bespoke Joinery Designs

  • Finishing and Fittings

  • Styling. 

You will be given everything you need to know to create your dream interior into a reality.

Timescale and price dependent on full scope of project. Pricing starts at £1,500. 


Get in touch to learn more


The Full Interior Design Service

The Full Interior Design Service can be applied to a whole room or home, where I can support all elements of a project to include any or all of the Hybrid services and also:

  • Procurement and delivery

  • Budget Management

  • Project Management including management of all trades people.


I can help support or I can manage every detail so that you can sit back and let your dream home become a reality.


This higher-priced service is a full interior design service which means that you have my support from start to finish.

Timescale and Price dependent on project.

Get in touch to learn more.

None of the above options quite right for you? Don't worry at all! Every client is unique and your requirements are bespoke so just get in touch and we can chat about what would work best for you.
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