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Top tips on making your home YOU

Ever go to someone's house and think 'oooh this place feels so like them'. Ever wonder how people seem to have interesting homes with things that intrigue? Or homes that feel like they're giving you a warm hug? From cool to cosy incorporating your personal style into your home décor is important to make your space feel like a true reflection of yourself. Here are some tips to help you incorporate your personal style into your home décor:

1: Find inspiration: Look for inspiration in magazines, online, nature, Pinterest and Insta, textiles, patterns … well pretty much anywhere to be fair! Create a mood board of images, colours and styles that you love to help guide your choices. Once you see things laid out visually it can really help you understand what you err towards and what makes you happy. That is your starting point for your design.

2: Choose a colour scheme: Once you have worked out the main colour you can then select a colour scheme that reflects your personal style. Think about any existing furniture you are working around too in terms of how well they will go with the colours. If you love bold colours, go for it! Look at clashing some colours for real energy. Or if you prefer more muted tones, then look at tonal colours that work together. The main thing here is to think about colours that make you feel happy and comfortable.

3: Mix old and new: This creates a unique and personal style. Incorporate family heirlooms or vintage finds with modern pieces to create a curated look. You can upcycle items so they blend better with existing furniture. Have a read of my blog on mixing vintage and modern for even more hints and tips on the topic!

4: Your personal mementos: By Incorporating personal mementos you create a much stronger personal touch. And don't feel fettered by any rules here. If it has a story attached to it and you smile when you look at it then it makes the cut. You can group items together (don't even go there with my shells of the world collection!), or display items under cloches to elevate them and draw attention, or a wall of photos, artwork you love - it all works.

5: Creative pet projects: If you have them time and creative inclination then consider DIY projects to add a personal touch to your home too. Get inspired and create artwork, sew textiles, or refinish furniture to make pieces that reflect your personal style.

6: Layer up: By using layers of textures in a room you can build interest and by repeating styles, colours or shapes in your accessories you can underline your style too. Use accessories such as throws. cushions, rugs, and curtains to add pops of colour and texture that reflect your personal style.

7: Trust your instincts! Choose pieces that you love and that make you feel comfortable and happy in your space. It's you who lives in the home so it should make you smile - who cares what anyone else thinks? They have their own homes and own styles... You do you...

For more support in bringing your personality into your home then give me a shout today.

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