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Brighton Refurb

This project has been achieved over two phases. Phase one was on tight timelines as there was a new baby on the way. So we focused on getting the living spaces and bedrooms spot on. I developed concept boards and sourced furniture, designed bespoke joinery and upholstery for the garden room and additional storage in the living room, briefed and project managed trades throughout the process. Then after a breather and some important baby time we got cracking again and worked on the finishing touches in those rooms as well as pulling together the hallway entrance and landings. By working across phases it meant we could ensure that the family were not overwhelmed but that we could meet the brief. The clients wanted a home that felt grown up but fun, beautiful and calming but hardworking too with impact. Both clients loved colour and pattern and we used that throughout to add character to the home.  By focusing bolder colours in areas you pass through, we could add impact whilst using more soothing palettes in relaxing areas such as bedrooms and seating areas. With two young children it was also important that the layout flowed in the house and that the designs would flex and grow with the family. It was a delight to work on.

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