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Surprising Ways an Interior Designer Can Transform Your Home

I’m currently working with a variety of clients, and it made me realize just how unique my role is for each person. Whether you’re dreaming of an Instagram-worthy home or just a space that makes you smile every day, here are some real-world ways an interior designer can make your life better.

Your living room layout is not working for you. Your hallway is too cluttered and you need more storage space. Your bedroom doesn’t feel like a relaxing space. You’re about to start a renovation and don’t know who does what and what to do first. You want to convert your garage or extend into a loft. Or you’re moving into a new build and want to add some personality to the space.

All these are individual projects that you could collaborate on with an interior designer. Yet you’ve never considered it. Why? Too expensive? You don’t want someone else’s taste taking over? You can do it yourself thanks very much?

If any of that rings a bell then read on to see some surprising ways that I can help add value alongside your designs - some which may not be on your to do lists.

moodboard interior designer home decor

Finding you money

Not under the sofa cushions but by saving you unnecessary spending. So maximising budget by spending on a designer? How can that work? I help you make the most of your budget, ensuring you get the best value for your money. I can help you to set a budget and then decide where it will go, how much you have to spend per sq m on kitchen tiles for example, or where to compromise, based on your priorities. My knowledge of pricing and sourcing allows me to find high-quality items that fit your budget, making your dream home a reality without overspending. 

I can use my project management skills and industry knowledge to ensure you have a sensible order of events so that you are not wasting your time waiting on trades to line up and you can have a tight schedule to get work done quickly and efficiently. I can advise if you can achieve everything you want in the timescales and budget you have or work out ways to phase your updates so that you can get there with the minimum of fuss.

Kitchen diner eclectic decor homedecor

Growing your confidence 

Choosing the right design elements can be overwhelming. Lots of clients know what they like when they see it but struggle to visualise how it will all fit together. A recent client has said to me 'I have a vision of how I want it to look but don't know where to start in realising that vision'. I provide the reassurance and expertise you need to make confident decisions. Whether it’s picking the perfect paint colour or selecting the right furniture, I’m here to guide you.

And more often than not I have clients who say to me that they have learnt so much during the process that they now look at their homes and how they approach them very differently. I can teach you what to look out for as we go along and mean you’ll feel confident tackling things yourself in the future too. Once we are working together you can ask anything (I love a silly question in my line of work) and it’s amazing all the small wins that can make such a difference to your home and you.

Finding a way to add personality to your home and give it that extra something to stop if all feeling a little flat is another often asked question. I strongly feel that your home should reflect you and your partner’s/family's tastes, interests, and travels. I’ll help you incorporate meaningful items and unique pieces that tell your story and bring your home to life.

One of the biggest challenges in decorating is achieving a cohesive look throughout your home. People often go from room to room picking colours, then feel overwhelmed and end up painting the whole house the same shade. It can be really helpful to have someone in the space to explain why certain colours might enhance it. Together we can make sure you have a harmonious flow from room to room, making sure colours, styles, and themes are consistent. Each space will feel connected and thoughtfully curated. So you can just go with the flow...

colour drench living room reading nook

VIP Shopping

As an interior designer I can often negotiate trade discounts with companies I use frequently (and new ones too to add to the ever growing list). This can mean exclusive furniture, fabrics, and décor that aren’t available in regular stores. And even sourcing via the high street stores I can find you gems you may not have considered before. Plus, my industry connections can lead to better deals and faster turnaround times for custom pieces.

When I am sourcing items I have a checklist in my mind as to whether it fits the space (and I’ll have measurements to know that for a fact), whether it fits with the existing items (and we will have detailed that together), whether the style is right for the home (and I’ll have concept boards agreed on that), whether it will stand the test of time (from style to craftsmanship our world needs us to be as sustainable as we can be) and whether it’s the best price it can be found at. So all that is scurrying through my mind each time I source an item for you and that’s why when I share sourcing/shopping boards you find things you love on there. Saves you going down an internet rabbit hole of searching endlessly doesn’t it?

So whether it makes you scratch your head deciding if something will fit in a space or how it will fit together with everything else or even if there is a quick win way around existing items instead, an interior designer might be the answer.

interior styling dining table

Stress-Free Renovations

Renovations can be daunting, there are lists of items to purchase, lists of things to tell the builder, decorator, plumber etc, there are bespoke items to design and cost up, there are schedules to juggle across the trades… there’s just A LOT. And then on top of that there are the things that have been forgotten about or have fallen between trades to do which cause a last minute panic one morning as you are trying to get the kids lunch and out to work yourself. 

I take the stress out of the process, I'm mindful of your experience through this and that you have a life to live alongside the work. From conceptualising the design to coordinating with contractors, I manage the entire project, ensuring everything runs smoothly. 

A recent client asked me ‘How do you know all of this stuff?’ - well that’s my job! In the same way you use a professional hairdresser to cut hair or a mechanic to mend your car it can help to use an interior designer to cover your project. I have a network of artisans, suppliers, and tradespeople who I have a good relationship with already and can trust - this in itself saves many headaches. I can help put work out to tender and ensure we have covered everything needed or work with contractors you have found too. And sometimes having someone as an intermediary to escalate things can be a real asset.

With me handling the details, you’ll gain back precious time and peace of mind. I manage the endless lists, coordinate with suppliers, and keep everything on track. This means you can stop worrying and start enjoying the process.

interior architecture interior design inspo

A translator in your pocket

I have a client currently who keeps saying ‘I didn’t understand a word of what they said’ when I have finished discussing ongoing renovation works on site with their build team. And that's totally normal! They talk a different language and I can help you navigate that and translate for you. It saves on a lot of those unforeseen extras that happen during a build and means I keep communication lines open for you.

kitchen diner ideas open plan living

Reading Your Pinterest Tea Leaves

I can read your Pinterest boards like a crystal ball. Well to a point but I look to understand your taste and personalities as that is what your home should look like. An interior designed space often makes people think of images of homes that look as though they have never been lived in. That’s not real life and that’s not what designers want to design either. 

It’s about getting your home the way YOU want it. Although if you ask me to do something that won’t work I will push back - be warned! I try to understand all the details about your life, how you live in your home, how you use that space, what you love and hate – and then introduce elements to enhance your space, often in a way you might not have thought of.

neutral decor ideas moodboard natural interiors

Fresh Eyes and Experience

Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes to see how a layout could work better. You might think you know your home inside out, but I see possibilities that aren’t always obvious. Whether it’s turning an awkward corner into a cosy reading nook or transforming an unused space into a functional area, I can help you unlock hidden potential. 

Looking at layouts with a practical mindset first on how they will be lived in and used is the first step. Every architect’s plan I’ve looked at has ended up changing slightly from changing the size of windows to balance sunlight and privacy, moving elements to ensure that you have room for light switches to go in the best places etc. By getting a designer to review plans early will save you money retrofitting designs in the longer term.

light switches moody interiors

Uncover hidden storage

Who doesn't want some extra space in their home? Clutter can ruin even the most beautifully designed rooms. So that’s why I always start with assessing your storage needs. Having a space to put everything that fits seamlessly with the space and design of the room is what can make it change from an ok room to a beautiful room. Not those expensive cushion covers after all (although go for it!).

When I create custom storage solutions they are designed to meet your specific needs. And custom built storage can range from Ikea hacks made high end to handcrafted pieces that will stand the test of time. Again - you budget, your way. 

Creating a stunning home doesn’t have to break the bank. By mixing high-end pieces with affordable finds your home looks luxurious without the hefty price tag. That thrift store vase? I can style it to look a million dollars.

storage ideas interior design bespoke storage

But you’re still an extra cost right?

Yes of course but I charge based on the work I am doing for you. And as you can see this can vary dramatically depending on what the work is. 

From one room to whole house renovations - I usually have a balance of larger projects with smaller single room or consultation projects as no day is the same and (as we all know with builders and materials - delays are inevitable). So thanks to my project management skills I juggle work to fit in lots of jobs at once (note no job is ‘small’ in importance for me).

Jobs can range from a 2 hour one off consultation session which can be a simple colour consultation, help with choosing tiles, reviewing architect plans or lighting schemes and so on. Through full home colour consultations, and one room projects (for those of us trying to save our sanity), or where you need help understanding where to start on a bathroom or kitchen redesign to full renovations, new builds and more.

So if you’re avoiding this kind of support for your project for monetary reasons, or because you think your project is too small, you could be missing a trick that might save you hours of research, provide help making all those decisions, give you ideas you’d never considered, and, of course, help you to dodge expensive mistakes.

bathroom design bathroom decor tiles

Emotional Support

Now this one is mentioned on every single job I do by my clients and maybe one of the best added value services I offer! From helping mediate arguments between partners over opposing choices, supporting people through the stress of planning, to taking away the hard decisions and panic of getting it wrong - I’ve been there with my clients. 

Renovations and redesigns can be emotionally taxing. I’m here to support you through the ups and downs, offering a listening ear and my support (plus hopefully some sage advice) when needed. Together, we’ll navigate any challenges and celebrate the successes. I want this to be a success as much as you do so I am right there beside you all the way.

But it’s not just the support for the hard bits - it’s also the emotional support to be brave. By working with a designer it often gives you permission to go for it in a way you thought you would not have the courage to. I’m not talking leopard print wallpaper here but you can make your home truly one of a kind. And that’s true even if you and your partner have very different tastes. That’s all part of the job to find that happy medium without it feeling bland. 

hallway ideas entrance colourful homes

So, whether it’s unlocking hidden potential, planning for the future, getting your layouts straight or just stopping the arguments over which colour to choose then I’m here to help make your dream home a reality with all the added benefits.

Photo Credits with thanks to: DEN LIFE interiors, DeVOL, Natalia Gorst, Otto Tiles, Pinterest Unknown

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