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Flexible designs to create your unique home

About DEN LIFE interiors

DEN LIFE interiors is an interior design studio based in Brighton and Hove serving South East England. As an interior designer I believe that every space, regardless of shape or size, has the potential to be a beautiful home.  I work with clients to overcome challenges they have and design a home that works for its owners and makes their hearts sing. One that reflects their personalities. From homeowners, landlords to AirBnB owners I help create designs that are liveable, joyful, long lasting spaces.

Moodboard living room
Dining room moodboard
Sea foam blue moodboard
Neutral moodboard
Blush pink moodboard
Colour drenching moodboard
Neutral moodboard

DEN LIFE philosophy

A major part of the philosophy of DEN LIFE is that interior design should be available to everyone. For a home that is your own sanctuary, a safe space , somewhere to relax and recharge. I aim to bring originality to each project and reflect your own unique style.


By listening, questioning and designing I solve your challenges and make your house a hard working home that inspires you. One that reflects your personality and your lifestyle perfectly.

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DEN LIFE approach

With a number of years of experience working with clients across different projects and budgets from single room refreshes to full house renovations - I have the experience to help you. My organisational and listening skills mean we can really plan all steps to smooth the process and make it a pleasurable, enjoyable journey. I can be on hand to identify quick and simple solutions to problems for you at every step of the way.

I always start with a discovery session where we delve into exactly what you need and can then tailor your journey with me from there. There are lots of different ways you can work with me from in person to e-design and they can suit every budget.


From mood boards to give you a vision of what you want your space to look and feel like, layouts to ensure the spaces flow and work practically, electrics and lighting designs, bespoke furniture design, sourcing furniture and styling - my main aim is to make your home work for you. If you need support with colours, fabrics or have hit decision fatigue then get in touch and let me help you bring your personalities to your home.

How do I finish my room?
Storage ideas
How to make it all work together?
How to pull a room together
Will it go out of date too soon
How to choose colours
Adding personality

Get in touch to find out what DEN LIFE interiors can bring to your project with a

FREE no obligation discovery call and see how I can help.

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