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DEN LIFE Interiors is an interior designer based in Brighton and Hove serving South East England. I believe that every space, regardless of shape or size, has the potential to become beautiful. I love homes. All homes. But most importantly, I love a home that works for its owners and makes their hearts sing. One that reflects their personalities. One that is a liveable, enduring, functional space.

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Interior Design
Modern Dining Room
Modern Interior Design
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DEN LIFE Philosophy

A major part of the philosophy of DEN LIFE is that interior design is not just for the rich and famous. Good practical design is for everyone. By carefully listening, questioning and considering I can pull together disparate needs and ideas to form a cohesive design that reflects your personality and your lifestyle perfectly.

With a number of years of experience working with clients across different projects and budgets from single room refreshes to full house renovations - I have the experience to help you. My organisational and listening skills mean we can really plan all steps to smooth the process and make it a pleasurable, enjoyable journey. I can be on hand to identify quick and simple solutions to problems for you at every step of the way.

I am also a champion of local artisan makers. I believe that we have a mission to ensure we do not lose the knowledge of how to make by hand not machines. We need to secure the future of craft craft skills and knowledge as these amazing crafted items enrich and uplift us as individuals and can change our world for the better. My little black book means you can find a unique, bespoke item that is perfect for you and your home.

Get in touch to find out what DEN LIFE Interiors can bring to your project.


Worried about where to start? Or about making costly mistakes? I provide great practical design for everyone and can take the stress and decision fatigue out of your renovation project with my interior design services. Every one of my clients is unique, so I like to get to know you and your needs before we decide what will work best for you. Let me help you design your interiors so that they reflect your personality and make your life simple to run.. I can help from single room designs to full renovations. Take a look at my services and give me a call for an informal chat. I would love to help. 
Interior design can be affordable.

Ceramic Products


Is your room missing that 'special something'? Can't work out what colour works best for you? Are you wanting to change your layout or make your home feel more cohesive? Sometimes just moving furniture, injecting new colour and accessories is all you need. Clever design means maximising space and improving how the flow of the home will work. Everything is considered from layouts down to the type of plant to finish the space off. I’m really excited about collaborating with homeowners and helping design a home that functions beautifully and reflects their personalities

Why not try a one off consultation with me to help and we can work out exactly what it is that's missing.


Paints and Brush
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Let me help you update your home for your target market and you can sit back and plan your new life with my home staging service. Targeting your property to the market has proven results in getting faster and higher priced sales. In a market where people are looking for a 'steal' it means that your home needs to stand out from the rest. This can be achieved with some market research on your target audience and some clever tweaks to your interiors to make sure you are giving your buyers no reason to negotiate. 

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